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Welcome to the Borough of Laurel Mountain’s zoning page


Here you will find links to the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance and associated forms.  The zoning ordinance was most recently amended August 12, 1992. There is one zoning district: R-1 Rural Residential which  includes Laurel Mountain Park Inc. (shelter house, filter house, and swimming pool)  Our borough secretary Robin Roberts coordinates the zoning paper work.  She can be reached at the borough email: boroughoflaurelmountain@gmail.com.

Regulations change and you may have questions regarding what is required when contemplating land clearing, building an addition, or placing a pool / shed / garage on your property.  Note that permits are required for any “man made” changes to property in the floodplain.  Please call our Zoning Officer Mike D’Arrigo at 814 255.6901 email: mike.darrigo@cmemgmt.com to ensure requirements are met prior to beginning any and all projects.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) inspections for both plans and buildings are done by TKL Code Inspection Services.  If you have questions regarding the UCC contact them through their web site at TKL Inspection.com or at 724 801-8204. Residential inspections are completed by Andrew Lichtenfels, our Building Code Official. Following is a list of questions and answers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are permits required for building a shed on my property?

If your shed/ garage is under 1000 square feet and not attached to another building you are not required to have a building permit, but you will need a zoning permit.  Over 1000 square feet or attached, a building permit is required.  But, if you are under 1000 square feet, detached and adding a separate electrical entrance for your shed/ garage, you don’t need a building inspection but you must have the electrical entrance inspected.

What is the difference between a zoning permit and a building permit?

The Zoning Permit is a borough permit that determines a couple of things, first whether the structure, or use is a permitted use, conditional use or special exemption.  The Zoning Permit also determines the minimum distances that are required from the front, side and rear property lines of your parcel that any accessory structure or addition can be located.  Prior to having plans drawn up, contact the Zoning Officer for any questions.

A Building Permit is different from a Zoning Permit.  TKL Code Inspection Services provides for Borough of Laurel Mountain building permits.  Following is a list of things that DO require a permit.

  1. ALL decks that are 30” or more above grade, regardless of square footage.
  2. All decks with a roof, regardless of inches above grade.
  3. Any “New” roofs; i.e., a new roof above an existing porch.
  4. All pools over 24” of water.
  5. A detached garage over 1000 square feet.
  6. An ATTACHED garage regardless of square footage.
  7. Any demolition of an existing home.
  8. Any size addition to a single family dwelling.
  9. Any fences 6 feet and over in height.
  10. Any structural alterations to a home, like the removal of a structural wall.
  11. Any solar panels (Plans and cut sheet required)
  12. Any new driveway off of a state highway requires a DOT Highway Occupancy Permit.

If you have Building Permit questions you can call TKL directly at 724 801-8204 or go to their website www.tklinspection.com You can also contact CME Management for Zoning questions:  Mike D’Arrigo 814 255-6901 email: mike.darrigo@cmemgmt.com

Are there other requirements I should be aware of?

If you are building an accessory structure (shed, garage, etc) and you are going to move ANY earth at all, you should have Erosion and Sediment Control plans present on site.  If you plan to move ANY earth these E & S plans are essential and MUST be on site.  To have an understanding of what is required in these plans please all Westmoreland Conservation District at 724 837-5271 and speak to Chris Droste who will explain what is needed in these plans.  Further, if you disturb more than 5000 square feet of earth you will need to put E & S Controls in place at the work site.  If you disturb more than one acre of earth, you will need permits from Westmoreland Conservation District prior to any earth disturbance.  These steps are important in the completion of your building permits.  A storm water management ordinance is available on the borough web page which has extensive examples of plans.

Sewerage enforcement is provided by Mike D’Arrigo of CME Management Contact information: phone 814 255-6901 email: mike.darrigo@cmemgmt.com  As you may be aware, our borough has septic systems which are fragile.  CME provides for needed EPA enforcement.  They are also quite knowledgeable with management of septic systems and are more than willing to assist with resolution of issues that home owners face.